Summer Day Fun #2

Summer Day Fun

The days are getting hotter and the kids are out of school.  You need a good way to keep everyone cool. What can you do but head to the pool?

Days at the pool or lake or ocean are often the way we spend our summers and children adore the water and the sunny days. However, summer can also be the setting for disaster from water and sun if you do not take precautions.  I will highlight a different potential summer danger once a week during June.

Danger #2


  • Infants (under 1 year):  Children of this age are most at risk for drowning in bathtubs or large buckets.
    • Never leave your child alone near any water (esp. bathtubs), even for a few seconds
    • Close toilet lids and empty all large buckets
    • Make sure bathroom locks from outside only
    • Toddlers and preschoolers (1-5 years): Swimming Pools are #1 drowning risk for pre-school age children
      • Watch your child at all times around water
      • If he/she is in swimming pool, an adult needs to be in the pool with him/her
      • Swimming lessons do not mean your child can swim well enough to be alone
      • Keep toys away from the pool so children are not tempted to be near water
      • Put a fence with a gate around your home pool  (gate should open away from pool)
    • School-Age Children (5-12 years):
      • Children still need to be watched by an adult at all times
      • Swimming lessons are helpful
      • No diving unless water is very deep and parent/teacher is watching
      • Floaties give false sense of security so should not be used to swim in a deep pool (life vests are better)
      • No running near pools
      • At pool parties, make sure children know not to play rough in the water (no pushing, dunking, etc.)
    • Teenagers (over 12 years):
      • Make sure teen knows not to dive in shallow areas, in above ground pools or through inner tubes
      • No swimming while drinking alcohol (no alcohol at this age anyway)
      • No  horsing around (dunking, pushing, throwing) with others in or near pool
      • Take diving/swimming classes
      • Take CPR/water safety classes

Always keep a working phone nearby with 911 on speed dial in case of problems








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